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Yesterday, Lucknow defeated Kolkata and Kolkata were knocked out of the playoffs. Best Online Cricket ID IPL games also feel like a lot of fun when your favorite players start winning. Now let's talk about yesterday, Lucknow has made its place in the playoff even though it has defeated Kolkata by two runs. Well now the competition is of competition as Gujarat remains at number one.If we talk about scoring the most runs, then Josh Butler is in the forefront.Best Online Cricket ID with  KL Rahul and Quinton are standing at number two and third.

Best Online Cricket ID IPL did not prove to be very good for Virat Kohli. But still his spirits are high and a statement is coming from his side that he wants to win T20 WC. Will Virat's dream of winning T20 WC come true? Whatever happens now, only time will tell. Who will win who will not but till then Virat will have to maintain calmness and balance.Anyway, Best Online Cricket ID cricket has been called a game of uncertainties. No one can know what will happen the next moment. So no one can make predictions on this game. We also leave this on time.

Now that we have already talked about the forecast, then it cannot happen that there is no talk of live cricket. Today the match of cricket is not limited to the ground only. We can also play it Online Cricket Book on our phone.

Many such Best Cricket Playing App have come with which we can not only play cricket matches but also make predictions on them. Which is full of adventure and enjoys as much as the person watching in the cricket ground. The only difference is that while watching the match on the ground, we waste our time. But if we enjoy cricket matches in the same way on our phone or in any app, then we can earn some livelihood also. And earning money is the first need of every person in today's date.Now if anyone gets all that in just playing sports, then there will hardly be any better thing than this.Maybe this will be a good opportunity for you too when you will play cricket with Virat And with some other Indian player.Now no one loses or wins in IPL or T20. We don't care because we have Best Cricket Playing App in which we can play Cricket with our favorite players.