Just yesterday I saw in the news how a Punjabi singer was shot dead in broad daylight.A Punjabi singer who was also a Congress leader. He was provided security from the Punjab government but opened fire on him as soon as the security was removed. If seen, there is no confidence what will happen in the next moment. Our internal security has become so weak. Or has the human being become so cruel that knowing it is as easy as killing a mosquito? 

Along with Moose Wala, one of two men who sustained critical injuries in the shooting died as a result of his injuries. At least 30 rounds were fired by the attackers. Moose Wala was taken to Mansa's civil hospital in critical condition, where he died. A three-member SIT has been created to investigate the murder of Moosewala, including SP investigation Mansa and Bathinda, as well as CIA in-charge Mansa.The incident occurred a day after the Punjab Police ordered the removal of his security team, which included former MLAs, Jathedars of two Takhts, Dera heads, and police personnel.

Former Punjab DGP Shashi Kant, on the other hand, stated, "Security was not removed; rather, it was briefly removed in honor of the anniversary of Operation Blue Star. However, the government should not have made it public."It is suspected that the murder was motivated by the death of Vikramjit alias Vicky Middukhera. 

Sidhu Musewala

Vicky Middukhera was allegedly hunted and shot dead in Mohali, Punjab, last August. According to sources, the crime was the result of a feud between Vicky and Sidhu Moose Wala. Several reports also claim that the fight was over who would control and dominate the Punjab music industry. Vicky's manager was allegedly involved in the alleged murder plot, which was prepared in a studio. In Punjab, there was a shocking crime! Unidentified assailants killed famous Punjabi musician and rapper Sidhu Moose Wala."National Governance" and "Internal Security" are inextricably linked. If internal security is not maintained, governance cannot be given, and the country's unity and integrity are jeopardized. Similarly, internal security cannot be protected if governance is provided by an ineffective and corrupt administration.In light of this situation, I believe we should question ourselves how safe we ​​are. Are we choosing the right politician for us? Are our politicians providing security for us?

And try to know the answer to these problems.We still have a long way to go to achieve our nation-building objectives. A quarter of our people continue to live in poverty. The persistence of widespread poverty and illiteracy, a lack of employment, shelter, safe drinking water, basic sanitation and health care, food and nutrition, and yawning gaps in the fulfillment of a variety of other critical developmental goals all point to major failures in national administration. The greatest visible failure in establishing social and economic justice has been the default.